PE Community Support Program


The need to rapidly transform our classrooms into structured and engaging online lessons has presented many new challenges. We have designed the PE Community Support Program so you can access educational content and the support you need to maximise student engagement online.

Join the community and get access to:

The PE Resource Hub, which hosts high-quality content to engage students in online classes
Live Support Sessions where you can pose questions for discussion so you have the confidence and clarity to move forward
Our closed PE Teacher Lounge Facebook group where you can share ideas and connect with like-minded teachers.


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PE Resource Hub

The platform hosts high quality educational videos that can be used with your students to create engaging online discussions and support learning. We will be including a number of sports science testing videos featuring Olympic and National level athletes filmed in our high performance lab.



Live Support Sessions

Join our scheduled webinars which are a great opportunity for you to pose questions and seek clarity from industry experts. We hope to support your online delivery with tips on how to use the content from our Resource Hub to maximise student engagement online.



PE Teacher Lounge Facebook Group

The closed Facebook group will bring the PE teaching community together to share ideas, best practices and online delivery strategies. While you connect with like-minded teachers you will also be able to ask questions, which will be answered by our industry experts so you have confidence and clarity to move forward.

PE Teacher Lunge Phone


Join the Community

  Build connections, share ideas with like-minded teachers and get access to the content you need to create engaging online lessons.