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Simplification of the Most Difficult Concepts 

Our comprehensive online lessons step students through each area of study from Unit 3 & 4, focussing on their understanding and application of the most challenging concepts

Exclusive Access to VCE PE Resource Hub Materials

Students will be provided full access to our online resource hub, containing quizzes, our complete study guide, a virtual exam room and premium video lessons for Unit 3 & 4.

High Quality Student Revision Notes

Our set of Study Summary Tables provide students with a structured and easy to follow "List, Describe, Apply" framework to answer some of the hardest PE exam questions.

Interactive Student Q & A

These LIVE online sessions address student questions from Unit 3 & 4. This allows us to support students by prioritising concepts and topic areas that students need help with.

Access Content Experts 

Learn from Dr. Melissa Arkinstall (PhD), a key author of the MacMillan Education VCE PE text book, who has over 20 years of experience in education and elite level sports science. 

Direct your Learning 

Download our VCE PE Study Guide to help identify knowledge gaps and direct learning. This can be accessed online and completed as you progress through your revision schedule. 

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Leading PE teachers from a growing number of highly regarded schools have chosen ERA for their student's exam preparation.

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As a VCE PE student, purchasing access to the VCE PE Resource Hub will consolidate knowledge and help you maximise your PE study score.

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